Forest Walk 2020

Forest Walk 2020 is a recreation / reimagining of an obscure, old C64 game I remember fondly from my childhood, also known simply as "Hike", by an apparently anonymous author. The premise is that you are lost in the woods, equipped only with a rifle, and a backpack full of sandwiches and ammunition, and must hike 10 miles to make it out. I originally developed this implementation for my Bootstrap class, with an open-ended score counter rather than a mileage goal, but have since actually replayed the original and fixed that to make it a more accurate recreation. But since I don't even know what all is in the original, I took the spirit of it and made it my own. Enjoy!

A winner is you!

Tired and ragged, you have finally made it out of the forest, alive. You go home to a nice hot shower, and never speak of the atrocities you witnessed, and committed, alone in the dark, spooky wilderness.

Forest Walk 2020 v1.2
Miles Walked: